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My First Colors (My First Books) - Board book

Goodreads Reviews : 3.87

by Davis, Sarah|(writer Of Children's Books)

ISBN :1465428984

ISBN13: 9781465428981

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About this item :

Teach your preschool child numbers and encourage learning while reading and having fun together with... your My First: Colors board book, designed to be a toddler favorite and withstand wear and tear from a preschooler. My First: Colors uses pictures of objects to illustrate a comprehensive rainbow of colors. Clear word labels are included with the pictures to encourage further learning. In addition to colors (including red, green, blue, orange, yellow, brown, purple, pink, black, white, gold and silver), My First: Colors includes sections on rainbows, mixing colors, and matching up colors. Develop your child's early learning with My First books, specially designed to captivate a preschooler's attention while laying a foundation for learning. My First books feature bold, bright photographs on white backgrounds — ideal for catching a young child's eye and acting as an introduction to early-learning topics. The collectible My First board books make a great early-learning library and include a wide variety of topics including trucks, animals, colors, letters, numbers, and first words.

My First board books feature a simple point-and-say layout that builds confidence in children through repeatability and encourages preschool vocabulary and language skills. The board book format is durable and easy for young children to hold and carry on their own, and they're designed to hold up to the rough handling that comes with being a toddler's favorite book to "read" alone or with a parent.

Product details

  • Format : Board book
  • ISBN-10 : 1465428984
  • ISBN-13 : 9781465428981

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