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Our mission, plain and simple, is to make sure you receive the best quality book for the best price possible.

We are here to bring confidence and quality back to the books. Having sold on third party platforms for over a decade, we found the market to be filled with misinformation and confusing expectations. We are here to fix that. When you buy from Banana Books, you won’t just receive a book, you’ll receive an experience. You’ll have the comfort of knowing that our customer service team and highly trained quality control staff are working hard to guide your book along its journey to you. You’ll have the confidence of resting on our years of experience and the knowledge that we will be able to procure those rare and unique items you desire. At Banana Books, we are dedicated to ensuring that your library is not just a series of books on shelves, but a piece of our heart to yours

While you explore Banana Books, you may find that some items have longer delivery windows than others. This is because we require all of the books purchased here to come through our main facility for quality control. We want our highly trained quality control staff to personally lay eyes upon each and every book before it reaches your home.

Our Condition Guidelines are very clear so you can be confident that your book will arrive exactly as you expect.

And, as book lover’s ourselves, we know how important it is to stay in the light. Our prompt and dedicated customer service will make sure you are never in the dark about your order.